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Our Sponsors pay for the Scholarship winners to receive a free place at the LARAC UK Conference and they will also attend a Pre-Conference members day interactive seminar with the LARAC exec. Their travel expenses and 2 nights' accommodation are also paid for and they will stay in the same hotel as the LARAC Executive members. They will receive their own copy of LARAC Online and Policy Briefing sent out twice a month. There are also post-conference opportunities in partnership with REPIC, which may include a site visit.
Most award programmes are designed to recognise achievement but this programme seeks to identify those with potential to achieve, so we are looking at those with under 7 years’ experience in member local authority waste teams.  We are keen to give the opportunity of attending the conference to those who might otherwise lose out to more senior colleagues. The programme is also open to those support staff with an operational, technical or administrative background whose work has recently expanded to cover recycling issues. They will be exposed to the latest thinking and the habit of placing their particular circumstances within a wider context, and they will get the opportunity to network on a wider scale in a way they might otherwise not experience. The aim is that the scholarship will benefit not only the scholar but the authority they work in.


Scholars attend Conference and the pre-Conference seminar event - targeted specifically at them. They are given every opportunity to meet the executive members and to use them as founts of knowledge! Scholars are expected make a report of their experiences at the Conference which will be published in the LARAC OnLine Newsletter  - in this way more people can gain from their experience - not only those from their own authorities. Then one year on scholars are asked to write a report describing the difference that winning the scholarship has made to themselves, their career and their contribution at work. Take the opportunity to read the diaries of previous scholars below before you apply.
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The 2023 LARAC Scholarship is being funded for the eighth year by REPIC and have 22 places available.  LARAC would like to extend its thanks to REPIC for enabling us to continue with this invaluable programme for the newer members of our profession. 
Please go to the LARAC Website here for more information on how to apply (you will need to be logged in as a member to access this page).

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